Aster DM Healthcare to offer free 10,000 MRIs and CT Scans to needy patients over the next 1 year

Posted on : Feb 26, 2021


It gives us great pleasure to share that on the occasion of Aster DM Healthcare’s 34th Foundation Day, Dr. Azad Moopen - Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare has announced an Aster Volunteers initiative to provide 10,000 free MRIs and CT Scans to patients who really need the high-end investigations but cannot afford them.

The initiative called AsterFreeIN tackles a big challenge faced by many patients, underprivileged or under financial constraints, in accessing much-needed medical investigations which would help them seek proper diagnosis and accurate treatment but are deterred by high costs.  

This often leads to patients avoiding seeking the needed medical attention or late-stage diagnosis when the disease would have progressed to serious complications.

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