Aster MIMS creates a milestone in the history of organ transplantation

Posted on : Mar 02, 2021


Kozhikode: Three families steps into a new life with the aid of Aster Mims. The hospital created a new history by transplanting kidneys for three people simultaneously through swap transplantation. Though donors for transplantation are available, chances for the receiver to get the matching kidney will be at stake.

Swap transplantation is applied in patients without blood group compatible donors. People who wants to donate the piece of their liver, if the blood type is not compatible, come to the organ transplant center and prepare for swap transplantation. Some patients due to blood incompatibility they can not take liver from their own donors. Between the two pairs who are facing the same problem the donor and the recipient can be switched, which is known as the swap transplantation.

Swap transplantations were done on Mohammed of Malappuram, Aboobacker from Perinthalmanna and on Sunita Kumari, a Kannur resident. Out of these three, only Aboobacker received the cross-matching kidney. Since his wife Nadira’s blood group was O+ve and as people of this blood group were able to donate their kidneys to any other blood groups, the hospital decided to transplant the kidney into any one of the two patients whose donor kidneys were not able to be cross-matched and thus her kidney was transplanted to Mohamed.

Instead, the B+ve kidney of Mohamed’s wife Bushara was donated to Sunitha Kumari. Though Sunitha Kumari and her husband had the same blood groups, there were Immunology issues while cross matching. But Bushra’s B+ve kidney was crossmatching with Sunitha Kumari and her husband Anil Kumar’s kidney was matching with Aboobacker’s and this lead to three successful surgeries in a row.

Aster Mims Nephrology department head Dr. Sajith Narayanan, Dr. Firoz Aziz conducted a series of tests in finding these cross matching kidneys. This 24-hour surgery was lead by Dr. Ravikumar, head of the urology department. Dr. Abhay Anandh, Dr. R. Surdas and junior surgeon Jithin, Anaesthetist Dr. Kishore K, and Dr. Preetha Chandran, Dr. Ramesh, Dr. Namitha also took part in the surgery.

“This way of surgery is very effective and practical for thousands of people those who are waiting for organs” said Dr. Sajith Narayanan. “If the awareness widely spread we can increase the number of families” Dr. sajith Narayanan added.

Dr. Santy Sajan (CEO, Aster MIMS), Mr. Sameer P T (COO, Aster MIMS), Dr. Sajith Narayanan (HOD, Dept. of Nephrology) and Dr. Ravikumar (HOD, Dept. Of Urology) were also participated in the Press Meet.