Any specific strategies for people to minimise its impact on their lungs?

by Dr. Pavan Yadav

What factors impact lung health?

To minimise the impact of air pollution, residents should stay informed about air quality indices and limit outdoor activities when pollution levels are high. Using N95 masks, improving indoor air quality, and advocating for cleaner energy sources and policies to reduce pollution are also vital strategies.

The Government of India has initiated various programs, including the National Tobacco Control Program (NTCP), which aims to educate and raise awareness about the dangers of smoking. Bangalore, with its robust healthcare infrastructure, also has numerous public health initiatives and smoking cessation clinics that offer counselling, medication, and support for individuals looking to quit smoking.

On No Smoking Day, it's crucial to emphasise that quitting smoking is the single most important step individuals can take to improve their lung health and overall well-being. It's never too late to quit, and support is available for those ready to take this vital step towards a healthier life.Recent advancements in lung health treatment Lung transplantation in end stage lung diseases. Preventive measures - advancements in pulmonary rehabilitation, offer hope for improved outcomes. The development of personalised medicine and biologic therapies also holds promise for treating chronic lung conditions especially patients with severe Asthma.

How COVID has impacted our lung health?

The relationship between smoking and the severity of COVID-19 cases has been a subject of significant research interest. Studies have suggested that smoking is associated with increased severity of COVID-19 infections and may lead to worse outcomes. Smokers are more likely to develop severe disease, require hospitalisation, or suffer from complications due to the virus, compared to non-smokers. This is possibly due to the fact that smoking can lead to lung damage, reduce immune function, and increase vulnerability to infectious diseases. Additionally, the act of smoking involves hand-to-mouth contact, which could increase the risk of viral transmission. A systematic review published in the journal "Tobacco Induced Diseases" in 2020 concluded that smoking is most likely associated with the negative progression and adverse outcomes of COVID-19.


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