Life choking / strangling tumor inside the heart

by Dr. Divakar Bhat

Life Choking
Posted on : Dec 17, 2022


Middle aged lady undergoes routine heart scan for vague non – specific chest discomfort. To everyone surprise, there was a tumor inside her heart - suspicions of Myxoma.

Myxoma are soft gelatinous spontaneously growing tumor inside the heart, though benign in nature, can behave malignantly by tumor strangling the mitral valve or outflow tract or tumor embolization. When doctors confirmed the presence of tumor inside her heart by various other tests, she was shocked. Presence of such tumor inside the heart is an indication for urgent open heart operation to remove. She felt as if sky is falling on her, because she needs open heart operation now to remove that cancer tumor, when she was hardly recovering from the loss of her husband to blood cancer a year back.

Her son decided to take one more opinion from Dr. Divakar Bhat, he happened to be from their region. When Dr. Divakar Bhat examined her, did few more tests and confirmed the presence of tumor and explained to her the need for removal, she developed little confidence and agreed for the procedure reluctantly. Adding to all those agony, there was financial problem, because son had joined company recently and had limited insurance for parents. Family finance was in distress for the treatment of father whom they lost at the end. BPL card, then had some technical problem.

That is when Aster RV Hospital, showed their magnanimous helping nature by accepting this case under very concessional package. Dr. Divakar Bhat and his team successfully performed this very delicate complex open heart operation to remove this tumor intact without spilling over and without giving a chance for recurrence. On her first follow-up, she was with broad smile on her face with a completely cured heart and a Deepawali Sweet box for the heart team.

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