Triumphant Bullet Extraction

by Dr. Divakar Bhat

Posted on : Feb 19, 2024


In an extraordinary accomplishment, Dr. Divakar Bhat, Consultant in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery at Aster RV Hospital, achieved a groundbreaking feat by performing surgery on a 21-year-old patient with a bullet lodged in his chest wall. The patient had been experiencing persistent pain and coughing, prompting a thorough examination by a Pulmonologist, who identified the presence of the bullet.

Given the precarious location of the bullet between the lung, liver, and diaphragm, the surgery presented significant challenges and demanded expertise in Cardiothoracic surgery. However, Dr. Divakar's adept hands and precise techniques navigated the complexity effortlessly. With a meticulously planned incision, the bullet was safely extracted, marking a rare and successful case.

Today, the patient enjoys restored health, free from any complications, thanks to Dr. Divakar's expertise and Aster RV Hospital's commitment to exceptional patient care and outcomes.

Dr. Divakar Bhat, a senior cardiac surgeon at Aster RV Hospital in Bangalore, describes this as one of the rarest cases in his 25 years of experience. The patient, a 21-year-old young man from Yemen, initially sought medical attention due to breathing difficulties and a persistent cough. Subsequent imaging revealed the presence of a foreign body—a bullet—in his chest wall, highlighting the complexity of the case.

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