Waiting for Baby Bird

by Dr. Sunil Eshwar

Hi, My name is Neetha Sharma. I am planning to write this up with a motto to help others who are trying to conceive or the ones who have lost hopes in conception. At the age of 17, I was diagnosed with PCOD. Since then I had irregular periods and unexplained weight gain. Instead of visiting the top gynaecologists in town and going to the best gym and working out, my condition did not improve. I faced the same problem and nothing worked out. I was told that having a baby in future could be challenging. It was hard to know what to do with this report. I was afraid this could create problems in my conception after marriage. After my marriage, it happened as anticipated by doctors. PCOD stood in between me and conception. I, 1. Listened to each and everyone's advice, respected it and followed it religiously; 2. Went to the gym and changed my lifestyle matching to PCOD; 3. Made the biggest research on which doctor will help me in conception; 4. Went to Acupuncture treatment; 5. Tried Naturotherapy; 6. Got Ayurvedic treatments; 7. Tried Homoeopathy. I was in the midst of countless pills, many injections, different treatment procedures, pinpointing ovulation, timing intercourse, lifestyle balance, Emotional well-being & complementary advice. Finally, after 7 years, I reached a stage where I landed nowhere. That is when I realised I have stepped on to the playing field known to many as trying to conceive. Also, one of the doctors declared that I was incapable of conceiving. There was one more doctor who gave me big bills and had taken me on a ride. Another doctor asked me to do a scan and gave me a useless prescription and sent me back. I was like a trial and error to many doctors. I was Highly demotivated. One of the doctors suggested me for ovarian drilling. I thought let me face this too and I agreed. After my surgery when I woke up, I got to know that the surgeon who did this had removed a DERMOID CYST from my ovary, which was never communicated earlier by any doctors. This surgeon had diagnosed me for the first time and I had no clue who did my surgery. Finally, I was routed and luckily met a godly person Dr Sunil Eshwar, the doctor who did my surgery. I had never even thought that this is going to be my last resort. Every hospital was selling me IVF and this doctor boldly said let's do IUI with natural conception. We listened to Dr Sunil Eshwar. The treatment procedure which helped me to conceive was guided by Dr Sunil Eshwar and Dr Smriti from Best maternity hospital in Bangalore. Dr Sunil and team helped me to view things in a new perspective and helped us to conceive. Most importantly my entire journey of motherhood was a cool breeze. Every scan was peaceful. Dr Sunil used to sing good songs to make us comfortable, do the scan and explain about it. I was not panicked at any stage as I felt safe and secured, which is very important for a mom-to-be. Despite having complications (which I got to know after my delivery), every visit doctor used to reassure me that both of us were doing good. I appreciate his patience level in answering all my questions, my special thanks are due for responding to messages and calls. Finally, I delivered a healthy and beautiful baby girl at the beginning of Lockdown in March 2020. It was a pandemic situation; he made sure I was not panicked and helped me deliver most safely. I had a Preterm child and I felt protected at Aster RV hospital in JP Nagar, Bangalore. Dr Sunil Eshwar and his team took extra care in protecting both of us. I take this opportunity to thank my Baby girl's Pediatrician- Dr Nikhil and Dr.Harsha. Special thanks and my love for the NICU staff who took the best care of our daughter for 3 days. Today I have a princess who just completed 3 months. Thank you so much for bringing our dreams to reality Dr Sunil sir. We owe a lot to you. On this Doctor's day, we wish the Doctor's fraternity a long and healthy life. Visit Aster RV hospital to get treated from Best Gynaecologist in JP Nagar, Bangalore.