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Hair Transplantation

Minimally Invasive hair line restoration to get back natural looks.

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Am I a suitable candidate for a hair transplant?

Suitability for a hair transplant depends on various factors, including the extent of hair loss, the availability of sufficient donor hair, the stability of hair loss, and overall health. A

consultation with a qualified hair transplant surgeon is necessary to determine if you are a suitable candidate.

How long does the recovery period last?

The recovery period after a hair transplant varies from person to person. Generally, the initial healing phase lasts about 1 to 2 weeks, during which scabs or crusts may form at the transplant sites. These crusts usually fall off within 10 days to 2 weeks. Full recovery, including the growth of new hair, can take several months.

Is hair transplant a painful procedure?

Hair transplant procedures are typically performed under local anesthesia, which numbs the surgical area and minimizes pain during the procedure. Some patients may experience mild discomfort or soreness in the donor and recipient areas after the surgery, but this can be managed with prescribed pain medications.

Are there any risks or complications associated with hair transplant?

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks and potential complications associated with hair transplant. These can include bleeding, infection, scarring, and an unnatural-looking hairline if not performed by a skilled surgeon. However, when performed by a qualified professional, the risks are generally low.


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