Tomato Flu/Fever : Another Virus Threat ?

by Dr. Srikanta J T

What is tomato flu?

Tomato flu is an under-investigation flu like illness that has mostly been found in some districts of Kerala among, particularly in children below five years of age. The flu like illness causes rashes and blisters child's skin which have an uncanny resemblance to tomato, hence, ‘tomato flu’ or the ‘tomato fever’.

How tomato fever occurs ?

As of now, there is no evidence to say if this is a viral fever or an aftereffect of chikungunya or dengue fever

Have any recent such incidents been seen in the hospital?

As of now there has been no documented cases of this. Flu like illness reported in Bangalore

How tomato flu is different from other flu?

According to reports, the most characteristic symptom seems to be the rashes and blisters with uncanny resemblance to tomato. Rest seems like similar to chikungunya fever

What measures does one need to take?

If one is infected, maintain adequate hydration to prevent dehydration, adequate analgesics for fever and most importantly avoid scratching the blisters.

How can people identify it is tomato flu ?

Anyone in the affected districts traveling in and out, as well as people in contact with those kids need to watch out for tomato fever and most importantly rashes and blisters.


For any queries related to tomato flu, feel free to connect with one of the best pediatrician in Bangalore who can explain you in detail about tomato flu & precautions to avoid it

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