What is Liposuction

Posted on : Dec 23, 2022


Liposuction basically is a method of removing or sucking out fat from an unwanted area of the body. The most common areas are the belly areas, the love handles. For the ladies, the common areas are the saddleback regions or the hip and the thighs. In the conventional lip suction techniques, we usually would use a pipe which is connected to very fine cannulas, and the cannulas are inserted under the skin.

And the whole idea is that the cannulas dissolve the fat and make it liquid and the whole fat is sucked out from the tube, and that's how the fat comes out of the body. Innovations in liposuction include a laser liposuction, and an ultrasonic liposuction laser. Most importantly, there are pressure garments which the patient wears for four weeks to six weeks following the procedure, and there is some redness on the skin which is commonly associated with the procedure. This redness and any discoloration of the skin gradually reduces within two to three weeks.

Lastly, there are no internal side effects seen with these procedures related to body contouring. We as cosmetic surgeons are there to give them the right procedure for the right patient, making it absolutely safe.


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