Aster Medcity completes over 1000 robotic surgeries

Posted on : Jul 12, 2021


Kochi: In a significant achievement, Aster Medcity has successfully completed more than 1000 robotic surgeries, including 119 renal transplant surgeries. The hospital performed a total of 1010 robotic surgeries on 995 patients during the period from 2015 to October 2020.

The Urology Department alone has successfully performed 765 surgeries using the robotic technology. While Gynecology Department performed more than 175 robotic surgeries. Gastroenterology , Oncology & Liver Care team added the rest.

“Robotic surgeries can be performed even in cases which cannot be treated with complex laparoscopic surgeries. It can be used for prostate cancer removal, kidney transplantation and kidney tumour removal. The main advantages of robotic surgeries are less hospital stay, reduced blood loss and avoid open surgeries. The surgery also involves less complication, said Dr. Kishore T. A., who has successfully performed more than 800 robotic surgeries. He added that for the surgeons, robotic surgeries provide 3D vision and high magnification. “Robotic surgeries are the best option during the time of COVID-19 as it requires less hospital stay,” he said.

Dr. Mayadevi Kurup, Senior Consultant and Lead, Aster Women’s Health, Aster Medcity, pointed out that advantages of robotic surgeries also include, less pain after the surgery, quicker recovery, smaller scars and reduced infection.