Aster Medcity doctors saves life of 50-year-old patient with heart’s pumping power just 15%

Posted on : Oct 24, 2019


Kochi: A 50-year-old patient, who was admitted in a critical state after his heart’s pumping power fell down to 15%, has received a new lease of life through a rare bypass surgery performed at Aster Medcity. The life of Hassan, a native of Aroor in Alappuzha district, was saved by a medical team under Dr. M. K. Moosa Kunhi, Consultant, Cardiac Thoracic Surgeon, Aster Medcity.

Hassan, whose heart’s pumping power was very low and had four blocks in his heart, had consulted doctors at various hospitals. Though the doctors suggested bypass surgery as the only option, they were hesitant to take the risk due to his abnormal condition. It was in this condition Hassan approached Dr. Moosa Kunhi at Aster Medcity.

Hassan was subjected to high risk bypass surgery at the hospital following various tests, including angiogram. Dr. Moosa Kunhi said that the pumping power of the patient’s heart came down from 60 per cent to 15 per cent following a silent heart attack. “The patient would have lost his life if the heart’s pumping power had come down below 12%. The patient has been recovering fast after the surgery and the heart’s pumping power is likely to increase further in the coming months,” he said.

Dr. Moosa Kunhi emphasized on the need to create awareness about such serious health problems in the society. Severe breathing difficulty, inability to walk or sleep, swelling of legs and tiredness are the main symptoms of severe heart failure, he said.

Dr. Moosa Kunhi further said that improper diet, heart attacks, silent heart attacks, smoking, hypertension and diabetes are the main reasons for severe heart failure. The life expectancy of patients with severe heart failure is less than 3-6 months and 80 per cent of the patients usually lose their lives during the period. It was in this situation, Dr. Moosa Kunhi, said the success of surgery performed in Hassan has been giving satisfaction. Dr. Moosa Kunhi is also the guest Cardio Thoracic Surgeon at the German Heart Institute, Berlin, where the highest number of heart surgeries is performed in the Europe.

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