Aster Medcity hosts Open Forum with the team of “Njandukalude Naattil Oridavela” for Breast Cancer Month

Posted on : Oct 14, 2017


October 14, 2017, Kochi: Aster Medcity today hosted an Open Forum on Breast Cancer with the cast and crew of the film ‘Njandukalude Naattil Oridavela’ film. The forum was organised as part of the intiatives during Breast Cancer month, which is observed in October every year. Taking a cue from theme of the film, the theme of the forum was ‘Njandukalillatha Nattil - Fighting A Winning Battle Against Cancer’.

This unique and interesting event had a panel discussion in which leading oncology specialists from Aster Medcity participated along with the team from the super hit film. The team of the film included lead actor, Shanti Krishna, the director, Altaf and the script writer, George Kora. The director and script writer shared the working of the story and characters. They spoke of their experiences of shooting the film at Aster Medcity and how the actors and crew felt humbled in the presence of the doctors who did their best to cure the patients and the patients who showed incredible fighting spirit in the face of the dreaded disease of cancer.

The doctors on the panel discussion included senior doctors from various oncology specialities including Dr. Arun Warrier (Medical Oncology), Dr. Salim (Surgical Oncology), Dr. Durga (Radiation Oncology) and Dr. Ramkumar (Pain and Palliative). The doctors discussed the movie with the team from the film, touching on related topics. They dispelled common misconceptions and fears about breast cancer, the most common cancer which afflicts women in the prime of their life. They highlighted the important of regular screening and early diagnosis. They threw light on how self examination or by being “breast aware” can help detect the malady in its beginning.

Dr. Arun Warrier, Consultant, Medical Oncology at Aster Medcity said, “We are glad that the director has made a film that instill a positive approach to cancer and handles this serious issue delicately. We are sure that the audience which has seen this successful film is now aware of the importance of early consultation with a doctor for a successful treatment.”

The audience that included patients and their families raised questions about cancer and the film that were fielded and answered by the doctors and the team of the film. The open forum ended with an emphasis on the fact that with a proper understanding of the disease, the ‘C’ word is just a thorn in the journey of life that can be removed with early and proper treatment!