Aster Medcity Introduces Kerala's first Open Heart Suture Less Aortic Perceval Valve Technology

Posted on : Jun 25, 2022


For the first time in Kerala, Aster Medcity has successfully completed an open-heart Suture less Aortic Perceval valve in a 55 yrs. old lady.  Sudha native of Palakkad underwent this innovative valve replacement surgery under the expert team of doctors led by Dr. Manoj P. Nair, Senior Consultant Cardiac Surgery, Dr. Suresh G Nair, Head, Anesthesia & Critical Care, and Dr. George Varghese Kurian, Consultant, Cardiac Surgery.

Sudha got admitted to Aster Medcity following symptoms of shortness of breath and abnormalities in heartbeat. Further examination concluded that she was suffering from calcific aortic valve which is due to the accumulation of calcium in the Aortic valve of the heart and results in obstruction of blood flow.  Sudha was also suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure, parathyroid hormone and hypercalcemia. 

The only treatment for calcific aortic valve is to replace it and usually, open heart surgery would be conducted to replace the aortic valve through Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI). But considering the serious condition and other comorbidities of the patient, the doctors were not confident to conduct TAVI and later decided to go ahead with the advanced technology, Open Heart Suture Less Aortic Percival Valve, which was successful and the patient left the hospital within a short span after the surgery.