Aster Medcity Launched "Head Start"

Posted on : Mar 04, 2022


Head Start, a paediatric brain tumour initiative was launched at Aster Medcity to ensure that every child diagnosed with a brain tumour is gifted with the best chance at life. In addition to helping financially challenged parents fund the treatment of their child, the trust will support as well as facilitate research in childhood brain tumours by collaborating with national and international experts and institutions. FACT Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Kishore Rangta inaugurated the initiative in the presence of Ambili Vijayaraghavn, CEO Aster Medcity, Dr. Dilip Panikar, Lead Senior Consultant Neurosurgery & Dr. Anup Warrier, Chief of Medical Services, Aster Medcity.

Head Start is an independent initiative established under the Aster DM Foundation, which is planning to source funding through Corporate CSR funds, institutions and HNIs. We are also planning to generate basic operational expenses through conferences and other relevant events. The services of this initiative will be offered at Aster Medcity, where the state of the art clinical and support facilities are available to manage these children. Since 2014, Aster Medcity has treated over 175 children with brain tumours, said Ambili Vijayaraghavan, CEO , Aster Medcity.

Dr. Dilip Panikar added, "We will also create and nurture ecosystems that will provide comprehensive support to patients and their families through counselling, periodic post-treatment reviews, periodic neuro-developmental assessment and educational assistance. Our mandate will also include increasing awareness about these tumours and the need for early detection among the medical fraternity as well as the general public through highly curated campaigns.

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