Aster Medcity Launches Day Care Spine Surgery Center

Posted on : Oct 07, 2022


Aster Medcity has started a day care spine surgery center for patients coming for spine surgery. The state-of-the-art center has been set up in such a way that patients can undergo surgery and be discharged home on the same day. The Day Care Spine Surgery Center was inaugurated by John Desmond Forbes Anderson (Lord Waverley), an independent member of the UK House of Lords. The center aims to complete surgeries and procedures in one day on patients with the shortest possible hospital stay, thereby reducing the risk of infection. John Desmond Forbes Anderson said the day care center will bring about a change in traditional surgical practices.

A very safe keyhole surgery method is adopted at Spine Surgery Day Care Center. No hospital stay is required after surgery. It is possible to recover by resting at home. Daycare surgeries are spine surgeries with the simplest procedures. The center will also perform minimally invasive surgeries for disc prolapse, spine fracture, spinal tumor and spinal degenerative disorders.

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