Aster Medcity launches Interventional Radiology clinic

Posted on : Jul 12, 2021


Kochi: Aster Medcity has launched interventional radiology (IR) clinic, one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in the region. The clinic offers a wide range of highly specialized minimally invasive neuroradiology, vascular, oncology, hepatobiliary, urology and transplant interventions to patients of all ages.

The clinic has an exceptional team of doctors comprising clinical imaging experts and interventional radiologists with some of them trained and worked in the UK. Backed by state-of-the-art technology and image-guided techniques, they provide high-precision, guideline-based treatment to patients with a multidisciplinary approach, said the hospital in a press statement.

Aster Interventional Radiology Clinic is equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic and imaging facilities including India’s first Flat Panel Bi Plane Vascular Hybrid Cathlab, Low Radiation Clarity Cath Lab, 3.0 Tesla Wide Bore MRI, 256 Slice Philips iCT scanner, 16 Slide PET CT with Time of Flight technology, GE SPECT-CT OPTIMA NM 640 Gamma Camera and EPIQ.

Interventional Radiology, a medical sub-speciality of Radiology, is the minimally invasive and image-guided treatment of certain disease and conditions that may otherwise require an open surgery. The benefits of the procedure are tiny incision, lesser post-surgery pain, minimal blood loss, fewer post-surgical complications, faster recovery and shorter hospital stay.

Aster Interventional Radiology Helpline -- 8111998126

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