Aster Medcity launches Rapid Access Chest Pain Emergency Clinic

Posted on : Sep 29, 2020


Kochi: Aster Medcity has launched Rapid Access Chest Pain Emergency Clinic (RACPC) on the occasion of the World Heart Day on Tuesday for express assessment of the patients who suffered chest pain and suspecting angina, a type of chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart.

The clinic will offer services such as ECG, assessment by a specialist nurse and examination of the assessments by a consultant cardiologist. Any patient who wants to rule out the cardiac cause of the chest pain can either visit the emergency department or the Cardiology Centre of Excellence at Aster Medcity at any time and can avail the services of this clinic as a special cardiac package. In case of acute emergencies the patients can call at Aster Emergency on 155218 or 8111 998 003. In such cases the patient’s level of discomfort will be assessed by a cardiac emergency specialist based on the signs and symptoms reported. And if necessary an advanced cardiac ambulance with a medical team will be dispatched to the location. On arrival, the paramedics will assess the patient’s vitals and a bedside ECG will be taken. A cardiac emergency specialist on-call will administer first aid medications. The team will also counsel and reassure the family before shifting the patient to Aster Emergency Care unit.

The 24x7 Advanced Acute Coronary Critical Care Unit and the Cathlab will be readied in advance, saving precious time for any specific interventions that may be required. The five minute assessment protocol will capture medical history, conducts physical examination, expert ECG reading, bedside ECHO, patient preparation and family counselling, by a team of doctors and nurses which is followed by intervention by Advanced Cardiac Coronary Care Unit.