Aster Medcity Organizes Cancer Survivors and Patients on Cancer Day

Posted on : Feb 16, 2023


As February 4th marks world cancer day, Aster Medcity commemorated the day by hosting a fun gathering of cancer survivors and patients.  The cancer survivors shared their stories of second lives with cancer patients in the hospital’s International Institute of Oncology.

It was an honor to witness cancer survivors providing courage, inspiration, and comfort to those seeking chemotherapy treatment. The gathering also provided an opportunity for cancer patients to share their treatment doubts and concerns with the survivors.

Asserting the idea of inclusivity of cancer patients in society, Aster Medcity employees conducted a bike ride under the leadership of Dr. Ashok Komaranchath, Consultant, Medical Oncology Department, Aster Medcity.

Dr. Jem Kalathil, Senior Consultant, Department of Surgical Oncology flagged off the rally. Medical Oncology Department Senior Consultant Dr. Arun Warrier gave a Cancer  Day message.

A houseboat ride was offered in the afternoon during which doctors, staff, and cancer fighters presented artistic performances. During the event, there was a magic show and instrumental music. Also, various entertainment programs were also offered at Funtura in Lulu Mall for child cancer survivors.