Aster Medcity recognised as Centre of Excellence in AMS by IDSA

Posted on : Nov 29, 2021


Antimicrobial resistance has to be discussed with global warming for its potential catastrophic impact on human health

Aster Medcity - in collaboration with the Radboud University, Netherlands conducted a workshop in implementation of Antimicrobial Stewardship at Kochi from the 25th to 28th November 2021. Antimicrobial resistance has been a problem often compared with climate change/global warming in terms of its potential catastrophic impact on human health.

One of the strategies advocated to counter the rapid emergence of AMR has been judicious use of antimicrobials in human population. Netherlands have set global benchmarks in achieving one the least consumption figures in human antimicrobial use in the world paralleled by very low AMR rates (in spite of high consumption in animal population). The Radboud University has been at the forefront of AMS activities in Europe with its Faculty authoring multiple key publications in AMSP. Aster Medcity has been a leader in AMS activities in the state of Kerala and India and recently has been recognized as a Center of Excellence in AMS by the IDSA after validation of stringent criteria for implementation of AMSP.

As part of the Public-Private Partnership under the umbrella of KARSAP (the Kerala Antimicrobial Resistance State Action Plan, monitored by the Chief Minister and headed by the Health Minister) - Aster Medcity was happy to support the training of key members of the AMS teams of various Government Medical Colleges through this workshop. There were attendees from various major private hospitals across the country and also from premier central institutes of repute like PGI, Chandigarh.