Posted on : Nov 20, 2018


​Obesity is rising at alarming rates across the world, in both adults and children. Reasons for obesity or excess body weight include genetics, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet and lack of physical exercise. Though obesity can be controlled through lifestyle alterations to a certain extent, experts say that bariatric surgery the most effective treatment when it comes morbid obesity (severe obesity) and associated metabolic complications. The success of bariatric surgery also depends on how the patient modifies his/her lifestyle after the procedure - the most important factor being diet and nutrition management. Aster NUTRICON 2018, a CNE hosted by Aster Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics on 18 November 2018, featured in-depth lectures on diet & nutrition management in bariatric surgery by Gastro Intestinal/ Bariatric Surgeons and Dieticians. The one-day event was inaugurated by Commander Jelson Kavalakkat, CEO, Aster Medcity.