Aster Volunteers Mobile Medical service conducted COVID-19 screening camp at Kaipamangalam and Koolimuttam Beach

Posted on : Jul 13, 2021


Mission continues at Thrissur district

Aster Volunteers Mobile Medical Service Kochi partnering with Aster Medcity & Peace Valley conducted Covid 19 awareness & screening camps at Kaipamangalam and Koolimuttam Beach in association with district administration and Peoples Foundation for the marginalized and under privileged population.

Kaipamangalam MLA, Mr. E T Taison Master officially inaugurated the camp.

A total of 165 individuals availed the facilities.

Dr. Sherwin Chacko (Medical Officer@AV MMS) & Dr. Geethika (Wellness Dept. - Aster Medcity) led the screening.

Health Care on Wheels at pandemic times for the deprived