Aster Volunteers Mobile Medical service conducted COVID-19 screening camp at Pukkattupadi Junction

Posted on : Jul 13, 2021


Aster Volunteers Mobile Medical Services Kochi partnering with Aster Medcity and Peace Valley conducted Covid 19 awareness and screening camp at Pukkattupadi Junction in association with *Lions Club * targeting the health of Auto-rickshaw drivers of the society.

MLA of Kunnathunadu, Shri V P Sajeendran inaugurated the camp by undergoing covid 19 screening by himself in the presence of chief guest Dr. Shaji Subramanyan (Cardiologist, Samaritan Heart Institute).

The Auto-rikshaw drivers were also provided with adequate hand sanitizer bottles to be kept inside the vehicle.

A total of 46 individuals including autorikshaw drivers and other individuals availed the facilities.

Dr. Suneera (RMO - AV MMS) led the screening.

healthcare on wheels at difficult times for every sections of the society

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