Brain Dead Man At Aster Medcity Gives Life To Four

Posted on : Nov 14, 2015


Kochi: November 14, 2015: Joseph Cherian, will continue to live in four others, long after his death. His vital organs will now give a new lease of life to patients in Calicut, Kottayam and Kochi.

Joseph, a 52 year old business man from Nedumkadam, Idukki, suffered from a case of Intra Cranial Hemorrhage and was first taken to the nearest hospital, but as his condition was critical, he was immediately shifted to Aster Medcity Cochin two days back. He was declared brain dead the same evening at 7.30 pm yesterday. In an exemplary move, his family, survived by his wife Laissamma and sons Albin and Stephin besides his brothers, decided to donate his organs, including the heart, kidneys and liver.

By the order of the District Collector, the Police Department created a green corridor and the medical team at Aster Medcity transported the harvested heart to Kochi International Airport, from where it was airlifted by a special charted flight at 10:30am to Kozhikode. A 53 year old female patient at Metro International Cardiac Centre Kozhikode will be the recipient. A similar green corridor was used to transport his Kidney to Kottayam Medical College.

Two patients at Aster Medcity will receive the liver and kidney, and the surgeries will take place later the same day.

Commenting on this, Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, Aster Medcity said, “Not everyone can be magnanimous in a critical situation like this. We are grateful to the Cherian family, who has shown such generosity in an hour of pain, and we urge more individuals to step forward and sign up to be donors.”

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