Child Health check-up camp in observance of Children’s Day

Posted on : Jul 12, 2021


Kochi, November 14, 2014: To mark Children’s day, Aster Medcity Child and Adolescent Health offers a free child health check-up camp on Saturday, November 15, 2014 from 9.30am to 3.30pm at Aster Medcity, Cheranelloor. An expert paediatric team from Aster Medcity will conduct screening and evaluate children for problems related to nutritional, dental and vision issues.

The screening will also cover symptoms of paediatric cardiac problems such as shortness of breath, feeding difficulty, failure to gain weight, recurrent respiratory infections, palpitations, chest pain etc.

Pneumonia, diarrhoea and respiratory infections have been leading causes of child deaths in India. In such a scenario, Dr. Harish Pillai, CEO – Aster Medcity spoke on the purpose of Aster Medcity’s initiative. He said “Delay in diagnosis and negligence in opting for preventive measures are major reasons for diseases among young children. Many young children with undetected heart defects face severe health complications which would have been avoided if diagnosed and treated on time. Also, since young children do not have a well-developed, strong immune system, their recovery rate from most diseases is comparatively low, leading to morbidity and mortality in most cases. Health screening is therefore, an important step towards prevention of such fatal diseases in children. On account of children’s day, Aster Medcity has taken this initiative to conduct free health check-up for children of all ages. We, at Aster Medcity believe that timely screening and diagnosis can reduce rate of child morbidity and mortality to a great extent.”

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