Conference on Aster Medcity throws light on contemporary management of Head and Neck Tumors

Posted on : May 27, 2017


A one day conference on the contemporary management of Head and Neck tumors was held at Aster Medcity today. The timing of the conference was relevant with increasing incidence of cancer of the head and neck, which is now the most common cancer in adult men and the third most common cancer among adult women in India. The one-day conference focused on the various aspects of current methods and modern management of Head and Neck tumors with in-depth scientific talks by eminent experts. The conference at the Knowledge Hub, Aster Medcity, Kochi was organized by the Aster Centre of Excellence in Oncology in association with the Foundation for Head & Neck Oncology (FHNO), International Academy of Oral Oncology - India Chapter (IAOO) and Association of Otolaryngologists of India - Cochin Chapter (AOI).

Dr. Mayuri Rajapurkar, Consultant – Surgical Oncology, Head & Neck and Organizing Secretary said, “The conference was well received and attended by doctors from across Kerala who appreciated the sessions on the latest research and evolving technology in the treatment of head and neck cancers. The conference featured in-depth scientific talks by eminent practicing expert countered by commentary from other experts that lead to stimulating discussions on the latest approach to management and treatment of head and neck cancers.”

The highlight of the conference was the participation of specialist from the USA, Dr. Terry Day who is Professor, Vice Chair and Director of the Division of Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery in the Department of Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, SC, USA. Active in research in molecular diagnostics and therapeutics in head and neck cancer, Dr. Terry Day spoke on “Building a World-Class Head & Neck Service from the Ground-Up” and “Evolving Treatment Paradigms in Head & Neck Cancer Management: the MUSC Experience”.

Other sessions at the conference were addressed by experts from across the state and included sessions on the magnitude of the problem of Oral Cancer in India and evolving treatment paradigms, Survivorship and quality of life in Head & Neck cancer, Current concepts in Parotid Surgery, Current Principles of Chemotherapy, Reconstruction of the oral cavity, Newer agents in Head and Neck cancer, Role of radiation therapy, Newer Agents in Head and Neck Cancer and many other contemporary aspects of Head and Neck Cancer management.

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