Leveraging Wearable Technology for Heart Failure Management

Posted on : Dec 19, 2022


Dr. Anup R Warrier - Chief of Medical Services, Aster Medcity inaugurated the clinic with state-of-the-art facilities. Dr. Shelby Kutty, Director of Taussig Heart Centre at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Helen B. Taussig Professor of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine explained the working concept of the new technology.

The clinic provides patients with heart failure with a smartwatch at discharge and a heart failure application downloaded to their smartphone. This wearable and application will monitor the patient’s vitals and activity levels and send reminders to take medicine. When warning signs are detected, information will be passed on to the hospital heart failure team, which will take necessary steps to change treatment plans to avoid hospitalization and adverse reactions. This will be informed to the patients accordingly.

Innovative patient-centred interventions are required to improve the self-management of complex, costly and relapsing conditions, such as heart failure. Mobile apps can be very useful for people with heart failure to promote self-care, reminding and making it easier to do things. The healthcare application will collect biometric data from wearable health devices and assess patient-reported symptoms and health status to reduce hospital visits and recurrent hospitalization in heart failure patients.

"Mobile health (mHealth) technology is a promising tool in modern medical science to provide timely patient engagement, monitoring, outreach, and healthcare delivery. We are proud to announce that Aster has established this innovative initiative that can result in improved survival rates for heart failure patients. If the new approach works out it will be extended to other services with necessary modifications.

Numen Health is a physician-led virtual rehabilitation application providing multi-faceted interventions for heart failure patients with continued care post-hospital discharge.