Navigation Assisted Pelvic Tumor Surgery

Posted on : May 08, 2015


Tumours arising in the pelvis are difficult to treat because of the complex anatomy and the presence of vital organs in its vicinity. The accuracy with which the tumour is removed completely is the key factor which ensures that the tumour doesn’t recur at the operated site. It is manually difficult to ensure this intra operatively. But now with the use of advanced technology an innovative surgical procedure called ‘Navigation Assisted Pelvic Tumour surgery’ has been developed which will help to ensure accuracy during the intra operative period. CT and MRI images of the patients tumour is fed into a computer which then develops a 3 D model of the tumour.There are sensors kept on the instruments used for surgery which are tracked by an infra red camera. This helps the surgeon to see on the computer screen where exactly his instrument is placed in relation to the tumour and to make very accurate tumour resections. Tumour recurrence in pelvis is usually difficult to treat and carries a very bad prognosis for the patient. This is significantly reduced by using this new surgical procedure. This facility is available only in a very few selected centres around the world.

Aster Medcity in association with the Kerala Orthopaedic Association and Cochin Orthopaedic Society is conducting “Frontiers in Orthopaedic 2015’, a one day CME on Navigation Assisted Pelvic Tumour Surgery on 26th April Sunday. Prof. Lee Jeys, Consultant Orthopaedic Oncosurgeon from Royal Orthopaedic Hospital Birmingham, UK who is the leading authority on this technique will be doing a live demonstration on how this technique is useful in managing bone tumours. There will also be talks by leading faculty from all over India Kerala on the current concepts in Arthroplasty and Arthroscopy during this CME. The CME is to be inaugurated by Dr. Dominic Puthoor, President, Kerala Orthopaedic Association.