Aster MIMS launches specialised Arthroplasty Clinic

Posted on : Mar 02, 2021


The surgical reconstruction or replacement of a joint known as Arthroplasty is a precarious procedure and needs utmost expertise. Hence, to forever be excellent in all healthcare domains, Aster MIMS inaugurated its Arthroplasty Clinic on 14th January 2017. The clinic will function on every Thursday from 3 pm to 5 pm.

Arthroplasty Clinic will have a combined expertise of various departments led by the Orthopaedic and Arthroplasty department ably supported by Radiology, Physical Medicine and Pain Medicine.

The Arthroplasty Clinic will evaluate and treat the patients depending on the duration of the pain, its severity, its cause and other factors, allowing a comprehensive appraisal of the condition. The multi-disciplinary approach will ensure that related issues that are contributing to the pain will also be tackled simultaneously.

Dr. Rahul Menon, CEO, Aster MIMS said, “The speciality Arthroplasty Clinic is part of our continuing efforts to give the patients focused care for acute and chronic orthopaedic conditions by allowing our expert medical and surgical team to concentrate on the specific disorder.”