The Aster Volunteers "Wish Tree "-Granted the wishes of the Cancer affected Kids

Posted on : Mar 02, 2021


50 Cancer Affected kids from various hospitals were gifted with laptops and Bicycles

A wish tree was made by Aster DM Health Care Self Help Volunteers for cancer affected kids to put up their wishes. The kids were given away gifts they wished for.

The wish tree was installed on Feb 4th to commemorate World Cancer Day. About 50 kids from medical college MIMs and various other hospitals who were undergoing treatment for Cancer. Put up their wishes on the Wish Tree. Laptops, bicycles fish, aquarium etc were given.

Aster DM. Health Care Chairman & Managing Director Dr. Azad Moopan gave away the gifts to the children at the function held at MIMS. The children wanted laptops bicycles, fish, aquarium, football, barbie dolls etc. Majority of them wanted a TAB.

Aster DM Health Care Chairman & Managing Director Dr.Azad Moopan said this concept of a Wish Tree was brought forward to help the children who were battling against the deadly disease Cancer. They wanted to see all the children with bright smile and happy faces. He thanked the Aster MIMS Director, Doctors, and Staff for their untiring support. And for coming forward to sponsor the gifts that were given to the children. He also added that the inpatients and visitors of MIMS too had come forward to contribute to fulfilling the wishes of the children.

Aster MIMS CEO Dr. Santy Sajan, Chief Financial Officer P Jayakrishnan, Aster MIMS Director Salahuddin, Medical Service Chief Dr. P.Hamsa, Oncology Center Head & Senior Consultant Dr. K. V. Gangadharan, Radiation Oncology Consultant Dr. Satheesh Pathmanbhan gave a talk.

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