Bob Pin Swallowed by 11-month-Old Baby Removed through Bronchoscopy Successfully

Posted on : Mar 02, 2021


KOZHIKODE: A bob-pin swallowed by 11-month-old baby from Malappuram District has been successfully removed through Bronchoscopy at Aster MIMS under the leadership of Dr Abraham Mammen, Sr Consultant and Head, Paediatric Surgery.

The bob pin, which was kept near the cot was found missing by mother of the toddler. The mother doubted the chance of baby swallowing the pin though the baby seemed to be fine and had no uneasiness. The child was soon taken to Aster MIMS and had undergone an x-ray, where the pin was found to have stuck in the lungs. The pin, which was pierced into the lungs, was removed through the process of bronchoscopy successfully.

Dr Abraham Mammen warned that mothers with toddlers should be very careful while handling similar pins or objects that can attract the interest of babies. He said, “in the case of this baby, we could avoid surgery. Also, as this was found immediately, the chance of infection in lungs and breathing difficulty were also prevented.” However, he added that this can be said as a chance of luck and can’t be expected in every case, every time.

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