Celebrated the 50th Day Anniversary of Malikappuram movie with 50 Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplants Announcement

Posted on : Feb 04, 2023


In celebration of Malikappuram movie's 50th day anniversary, producer Anto Joseph has announced that fifty children from needy families will receive support for their bone marrow transplants . The project will be implemented in collaboration with Aster Hospitals in Kerala. 

Named 'Punyam', the scheme also offers 50% discount on radiation therapy, special discounts on onco surgeries including robotic surgery, ortho onco surgery and chemotherapy, apart from bone marrow transplant. Senior citizens above 60 years of age will also get benefits such as priority card with special benefits for hassle-free access to treatment. 

In India, this is the first time a medico-cine collaboration  like this has been announced as part of a film's success celebration. Allogeneic Bone marrow transplants costs between 30 lakhs to 50 lakhs per child. To cater to the economically weaker patients, the project is being implemented with financial assistance being provided as part of Malikappuram Cinema's profit share and with the cooperation of eminent personalities who maintain the social responsibility of MIMS Charitable Trust and DM Healthcare.

In the function held at Malabar Palace in Kozhikode, Unni Mukundan, lead actor of the movie,  Farhaan Yasin, Regional Director, Aster Hospitals, Kerala and Tamilnadu, Baby Devanandha and Master Sreepad, actors in the movie, Vishnu Sasishankar, Director of the movie, Abhilash Pillai, Scriptwriter, Dr. K. V. Gangadharan, Head, Aster International Institute of Oncology and others were felicitated and addressed the gathering.

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