A Continuous Educational Programme was conducted, on Advance Medical Treatment on CANCER in Aster MIMS Hospital.

Posted on : Mar 02, 2021


Experts point out that Immunotherapy, Stereotactic Therapy, Radiotherapy, and Robotic Surgery are the four new promising Cancer Treatments.

On World Cancer Day, a continuous educational programme was conducted. To introduce the new promising technologies and the latest treatments in the field of cancer at Aster MIMS Hospital. More than 30 expert doctors from all over Kerala of the Oncology Department participated in the programme. They spoke about the various other advanced treatments beyond Chemotherapy and Radiation.

The cancer experts have evaluated that Immunotherapy, Stereotactic Radiotherapy, and Robotic Surgery will be more effective options for cancer treatments in the future. The type of treatment that helps your immune system to fight cancer is called immunotherapy. Stereotactic Radiotherapy treatment reduces the treatment period. Doctors have also explained, that the use of Sciences, Engineering, and medical sciences. Enhances precision and safety in surgeries done by Robotic surgery.

Aster MIMS CEO Dr. Santy Sajan inaugurated the continuous educational programme. Aster MIMS Oncology Center Head Senior consultant Dr. K.V Gangadharan, Surgical Oncology Senior Consultant Dr. V.P Salim, Medical Oncology Senior consultant Dr. Sreelesh K.P. Medical Oncology Senior Specialists Dr. Arun Chandrasekharan, Radiation Oncology Senior Specialist Dr. Abdul Malik. Plastic Surgery-Head Dr Krishnakumar, Radiation Oncology consultant Dr. Sathish Padmanabhan, Oncology Pain & Palliative Physician Dr. Vineetha Rijju, Obstetrics & Gynecology Senior consultant Dr.Remya N.A, Gastro Intestinal Surgery Senior Consultant Dr. Rajesh Nambiar, Pulmonology Senior Consultant Dr. Anup M.P, General Surgery Senior Consultant Dr.P.Rajan, Pathology Senior Consultant Dr.Kavitha & Dr.Lilly gave a talk.