First Robotic Renal Transplantation successfully done at Aster MIMS

Posted on : Mar 02, 2021


Kozhikode, March 2018: The kidney Transplant Team at Aster MIMS have successfully conducted a robotic kidney transplant. This is the first time in north Kerala a Kidney transplant was performed with the help of a robotic surgical system. A 50-year-old male patient from Kannur received his kidney with the help of the latest da Vinci Robotic Surgical system.

For a normal kidney transplant, doctors would make a cut of approximately 25 cm length across the body, starting from below the ribs to the lower abdomen. The surgery would last for several hours. But with the revolutionary Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System, minimally invasive kidney transplant is carried out for the patient’s benefit. With this surgical procedure, blood loss is minimum and so is the pain. The surgery will leave small scars only in the patient’s body. Besides the medical benefits, the hospital stay time for the patient is also considerably reduced.

The Robotic Kidney transplant team was led by Dr Ravikumar Karunakaran, Head and Senior Consultant, Urology Department, Aster MIMS along with Dr Kishore T A, Senior Consultant. Dr Abhay Anand and Dr Surdas, Consultants, Urology Department, Dr Sajith Narayanan, Dr Firoz Aziz, Dr Ismail N A and Dr Benil Hafiq, Senior Consultants, Nephrology Department, Dr Preetha Chandran and Dr K Kishore, Anaesthesia Department also took part in the robotic transplant.

Dr. Santy Sajan, CEO, Aster MIMS said, “With this successful robotic renal transplant, Aster MIMS has moved closer to its goal to become a full-fledged robotic surgery centre. We are trying to offer these technological advancements in healthcare at affordable rates. With our experienced senior surgeons trained in robotic surgery, patients can look forward to superior treatment solutions for their problems. At Aster MIMS, we shall continue to bring the latest developments in medical science and technology to our patients.”

The da Vinci Surgical System consists of three components – the Vision System that includes the endoscope, the cameras and other equipment that produces a 3D image of the operating area; the Patient Side cart with the robotic arms; and the Surgeon Console which allows the surgeon to visualise the operating area and manipulate the robot’s surgical instruments. The surgeon uses hand movements and foot pedals to control the camera, adjust focus and move the robotic arms. The camera on the da Vinci Surgical System has a three dimensional lens system, which also allows the operating area to be magnified 10 to 15 times!

At Aster MIMS, the option of Robotic surgery is available in the Urology, Gynaecology, Onco- Surgery, Cardiothoracic surgery and Gastroenterology Surgery Departments.