Free Fever Check Ups At Aster Mobile Clinic

Posted on : Mar 02, 2021


Aster MIMS Free Fever check-up camps will be held in and around the town in collaboration with the Kozhikode District Administration. The camps will be held at Kinaserry, Chinthavallapu, Vellayil, and Olavanna, until next Monday with the help of Aster Mobile Clinic.

The camps are being held due to the break of epidemics followed by the devastating floods. People affected by Leptospirosis and other fever will get special treatment from the clinic. Special tests will be conducted to detect the type of Fever the patient has. After detection patients who need special treatment will be shifted to Aster MIMS Hospital and will be given free treatment.

Today a medical camp will be held at Kinaserry Yatheem Khana and a camp will be held tomorrow for the people of Kallathan Kadavu Colony at Chinthavallapu school. Camps will also be held at Vellayil on Sunday and Olavannayyil on Monday

The camps will be organized by the Medical Team of Aster MIMS Hospital and assisted by the Aster volunteers and social workers of the Thamarassery Diocese.

Aster MIMS Chief Executive Officer Dr.Santy Sajan said that the main aim to conduct these camps was to diagnose the cause of fever by the best of doctors and by conducting special tests and giving proper medication. She also pointed out that through proper care treatment and timely advice on preventive measures could help the patients.