North Kerala's first comprehensive breast cancer treatment center at Aster Mims, Kozhikode

Posted on : Oct 18, 2022


The first Comprehensive Breast Cancer Care Center in North Kerala, which integrates all the latest facilities in the field of breast cancer treatment, has started functioning as a part of Kozhikode Aster Cancer Institute. Former Health Minister Shailaja teacher inaugurated the Clinic on the 18th of this month as part of 'Pink October', the breast cancer awareness month.

Advanced diagnostic equipment, treatment facilities and surgical systems for early detection of breast cancer including Full treatment facilities at various stages like breast reconstruction procedures, Onco-Plastic Procedure with breast retention.

Dr. Gangadharan KV (Director, Aster Cancer Centre), Dr. Salim VP (Onco Surgeon), Dr. Satish Padmanabhan (Radiation Oncologist), Dr. Krishna Kumar KS (Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon), Dr. KG Ramakrishnan (Department of Radiology) were present at the press conference. Head), Dr. Rekha Narayanan (Interventional Radiologist), Luk Man P (Chief Operating Officer) Aster Volunteers Malabar Lead Muhammad Hasim K V, were present.

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