Shattered right thumb replaced successfully with left second toe

Posted on : Mar 02, 2021


Kozhikode: Plastic surgeons at Aster MIMS performed a rare surgery in which the shattered right thumb of a youngster was replaced with his left long toe. 22-year-old Sojan from Thalaserry lost his thumb, fore finger and the middle finger of his right hand in an accident two years ago.

With only the little and ring fingers remaining, he could not hold even a glass of water. Given the loss of such vital fingers, he was in no condition to use his right hand to carry out normal daily activities. In an attempt to find a solution to his unique situation he approached Aster MIMS.

The plastic surgery team lead by Dr Krishnakumar, Senior Consultant and Head, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, Aster MIMS successfully replaced the left long toe of the patient in place of right thumb using cutting edge microsurgery. The toe was perfectly joined to the palm and with the help of the ‘new thumb’ the patient regained the functionality of his right hand to some extent.

Besides Dr Krishnakumar, Dr Saju Narayanan and Dr Ajith Kumar, Senior Consultants, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, Aster MIMS, Dr Bibilash, Consultant, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department and Dr Namitha M, Anaesthetist, Aster MIMS also took part in this crucial surgery.

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