Aster Narayanadri Hospital conducted sports meet for those who underwent a knee joint replacement (TKR) operation last year

Posted on : Jul 26, 2023


About 30 percent of the people who consult an orthopedic doctor are suffering from knee pain. Although most of the people are above 60 years of age, younger people are also coming more and more. Dr. Sunanda Kumar Reddy said that not all people with knee pain need surgery, those who can't sleep because of pain, and those who need to use Pain pills every day need an operation, and the rest can get relief from Pain by following the doctor's advice and exercising. 

A sports association is a testament to the possibility of a better quality of life after knee replacement surgery. He said that such gatherings have been held in the past as well but could not be held for the last three years due to Covid but will be held every year from now on. 

Dr. Sunandakumar Reddy informed that this sports meet will remove the misconceptions and doubts among the people about knee joint replacement operation. By participating in this sports club, knee replacements can have an even better quality of life. Dr. Sunandakumar Reddy gave awareness about regular exercise after the operation and taking precautions to prevent bone loss. It is explained that the life span of the device after the operation is also higher for those who exercise regularly. 

Some patients talk about their life before the surgery, the challenges they faced, and the significant improvement in their quality of life after undergoing knee replacement surgery at Aster Narayanadri Hospital. These stories bring hope and inspiration to those considering joint replacement surgeries. 

Dr. Sridhar Muni, Chief Operating Officer of Aster Narayanadri Hospital expressed his deep satisfaction for the success of this program. Aster Narayanadri Hospital is always committed to promoting healthy living and helping patients lead fulfilling life, even in the post-operative phase.