Airway Workshop at Aster Prime hospital

Posted on : Dec 22, 2021


A unique Airway workshop was conducted at Aster Prime Hospital by Dr. C N Chandrasekhar and Dr. C Uma Sreedevi from the department of Anesthesiology and Intensive care. Dr. M. Kalyan, the Unit Head inaugurated the workshop by lighting the lamp. Securing an Airway is the important step for breathing and oxygenation of the patients while under Anesthesia around 40 delegates had participated from various hospitals and medical colleges.

Prof. Dr. Surender Garu, Prof. Dr. N Satyanarayana Garu, Prof. Dr. Padmaja have shared their views on the workshop. Dr. Kalyani, Dr. Indira, Dr. Vibhavari, Dr. Sreenivas, and Dr. Basanth also participated. This workshop focused on difficult airway management and challenges while Anesthetizing the patients. The description of Advanced airway equipment has been explained to all the participants.

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