Silent Signs of a Heart Attack

by Dr. Anil Kumar R

While it is known that heart attacks can cause sudden spurts of sharp pain and discomfort, there are several instances when heart attacks are not painful. One already knows that one must seek professional medical support if it is severe. But in case there is Chest heaviness or discomfort without any other evident signs, it can be confusing. Such a situation can be termed as a silent heart attack. 

It simply means that you have a heart attack, but you are unaware. It is dangerous and life-threatening too. Hence, you must learn how heart attacks can be silent and understand some of the silent signs of a heart attack.

How silent can a heart attack be?

A silent heart attack is similar to the normal one - dangerous and damaging. Our heart needs oxygen-rich blood to carry our everyday functioning. In any case of plaque in the arteries, the blood flow will be affected significantly.

Silent heart attacks may go unnoticed, but you will experience the damage that it creates in the long run. The longer your heart does not receive oxygen-rich blood, the more damage that occurs. Hence, it is vital to undergo the treatment since it can become deadly.

We have a piece of good news for you. The listed signs of silent heart attacks will help you prepare and take the necessary steps whenever required.

Four silent signs of heart attack


  • Chest heaviness or discomfort

At times, the pain of a heart attack is sudden and intense. Hence, you know what steps you need to take. But, what if it is not the same situation?

Many times, a heart attack involves mild pain in the center of the chest. At such an instance, you may feel pressured. Usually, such symptoms come and go. There are chances it may come back.

It is complicated, as such symptoms are similar to heartburn too. But, what we feel is that you know your body better. Hence, when something is not quite right, you must get yourself evaluated by a cardiologist. In case of any severe pain, you must head to an emergency room.

  • A feeling of discomfort in other parts of your body

A heart attack does not just make you feel discomfort in your heart. It may even show its effects in other parts of your body. But, at the same time, it will be very confusing to judge it as a sign of a heart attack.

You may feel discomfort or experience pain in,

  • Arms
  • Back 
  • Neck
  • Stomach
  • Jaw

These symptoms may vary from person to person. For example, you may have back pain but no pain in your arms. Also, a few people describe back pain as when the back is pulled with a rope tied around them. You may even feel heavy pressure in your back. 

If you find something not worth experiencing, you must consult a doctor. Please don’t ignore it.

  • Difficulty in breathing

When you suffer from a silent heart attack, you might feel like you had run a marathon, even when you just had to climb some stairs. Shortness of breath without Chest heaviness or discomfort may be considered as a silent sign of a heart attack.

If you face trouble in activities that weren’t problematic in the past, like walking with your dog or making your bed, then it’s time for you to go for a checkup. It can be a sign of a subtle heart attack.

  • Nausea and cold sweats

Waking up in the morning with cold sweat, nausea, and vomiting is sometimes called a sign of flu. But, when your gut says that the flu signs are a little more severe, listen. 

Don’t judge the signs of flu because of stress or a tense environment. It can be a silent sign of a heart attack. It can be much more severe than what we judge.

Understand the signs, and never avoid

Just remaining aware of the signs of a silent heart attack is not enough. You need to take the necessary actions whenever required.

If you are unsure whether it is a heart attack or not, you must consult the top cardiologist in India. While these signs we mentioned are not always specifically for a heart attack, we should stay cautious in such situations.

The chances of you surviving a heart attack are more when the required treatment is provided on time. And remember, the best way to prevent a heart attack in the first place is by getting your heart screened at the top Cardiology Hospital in Kochi, Kerala. In any case, it will lower the chances of a heart attack, keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol in control.


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