First Dual Source Microwave Ablation successfully done at Aster MIMS

Posted on : Mar 02, 2021


Novel Minimally Invasive Method to Treat Cirrhotic Liver Cancer

Kozhikode, April 3, 2019: India’s First Dual Source Microwave Ablation was successfully carried out in the department of Interventional Radiology at Aster MIMS to treat a Cirrhotic Liver Tumour. Doctors at Aster MIMS successfully ablated a 6 cm liver tumour in a 55 year old
patient from Kozhikode.

Aster MIMS Kozhikode’s passion for healing is once again proven with yet another innovative treatment procedure to its patients, known as Dual Source Microwave Ablation. Through dual source microwave ablation, the doctors at the hospital provide minimally invasive treatment for

Liver tumour, by heating the tumour and destroying the cancer cells in shorter

In the Dual Source Microwave Ablation Technology, larger

can be completely ablated compared to the conventional Microwave Ablation.

As part of its quest to provide the most accurate level of care to its patients, the hospital hopes to bring immense relief to cancer patients suffering from Cirrhotic Liver Disease. The procedure is first of its kind in India, and is more patient friendly as it requires very short hospital stay (about 1-2 days), is minimally invasive with fewer complications. The procedure is thus, far more economical, safe and effective when compared to previous treatment regimes.

The Dual Source Microwave ablation, other than in Liver, will be suitable for the

tumours in Lung, Kidney and

Dr Santy Sajan, CEO, Aster MIMS said, “Aster MIMS has always been trying to provide the latest technology in healthcare to its patients. I congratulate the team of doctors who are successful in completing India’s First Dual Source Microwave Ablation. This success will help us to provide better treatment for Cirrhotic Liver diseases in a cost effective manner. We are really proud that Aster MIMS can deliver treatment solutions matching international standards.”

The team of doctors who are part of the dual source microwave ablation procedure includes Dr KG Ramakrishnan, Head and Senior Consultant, Interventional Radiology, Dr Tajmal Aboo Rabia,

Dr Sujith Janardhanan. Dr Rekha Narayanan and Dr Shan G.G., Consultants, Interventional Radiology, Dr Sajeesh Sahadevan, Senior Consultant, Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Dr Anish Kumar, Department of Gastroenterology and Dr
K V Gangadharan, Senior Consultant, Oncology Department.