Re-implantation of amputated penis successfully done at Aster MIMS

Posted on : Mar 02, 2021


Kozhikode, October 4, 2017: In a rare and complicated surgery, doctors at Aster MIMS, Kozhikode, successfully re-implanted the amputated penis of a 26-year-old. The patient from Malappuram was admitted at Aster MIMS on September 21st with his penis chopped off up to 90%.

It was the timely combined efforts of the urology and plastic surgery departments at Aster MIMS, helped the patient to regain his penis. The patient underwent an eight hour long emergency surgery lead by Dr. Krishnakumar, Senior Consultant and head, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Aster MIMS. The recovering patient left the hospital after 7 days.

Dr. Krishnakumar, Senior Consultant and head, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Aster MIMS said, “To re-implant an amputated penis, all the complex structures in the penis have to be repaired.In this case we successfully repaired the arteries which bring the blood to the organ, the veins which carry the blood away, the nerves which give sensibility to the organ, the urethra, the corpora which provides erection and the muscles. The patient can be back to normal life in 4 weeks time”.

Besides Dr Krishnakumar, Dr Saju Narayanan, Dr Ajith Kumar, Senior Consultants, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr Bibilash, Consultant, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr Ravikumar Karunakaran, Senior Consultant Urology, Dr Surdas, Consultant, Urology and Dr Kishore K & Dr Preetha, Anaesthetist; all from Aster MIMStook part in the surgery.

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