Liver Cirrhosis : Stages and Diagnosis

by Dr. Naveen Ganjoo

Liver Cirrhosis:

What is Liver Cirrhosis?

Liver cirrhosis is basically means your liver which is supposed to be very soft is becoming hard so when it becomes hard it does not function very well the blood flow which has to go to the liver for digestion and metabolism is not able to go there.

How do we diagnose?

  • Most common if you are having a lot of triedness and fatigue i know difficult to say but lot of fatigue is the commonest sign 
  • Swelling in the leg swelling in the abdomen Jaundice somebody having confusion blood vomiting are very important signs that we need to  know and take care of these to visit a doctor.

Stages of Liver cirrhosis

The progression of liver cirrhosis is typically categorized into two stages: compensated and decompensated. In the compensated stage, individuals may lead relatively normal lives for an extended period, although ongoing treatment remains essential. Decompensated cirrhosis marks the final stage, indicating severe liver damage requiring urgent medical intervention. While some with compensated cirrhosis can maintain normalcy, it's not always the case, emphasizing the importance of treatment.