Healthy Women Healthy World

by Dr. P Tanuja

Woman's health is very important to family and in turn to society & community. The illness of women will have serious consequences on her Children & family .The main focus of a women will always be more on her family and kids , neglecting her own health and needs. This has to change . These are the preventive steps that can be taken by girls or women's lives at every stage of life. 

Health Tips for Women at Every Stage of Life

  • Provide more nutrition to girls till menarche to prevent anemia in later life.
  • Prevent gender discrimination & distribute household chores equally to boy and girl.
  • Attention should be paid to girls in case of excessive Weight gain, Breast development, Armpits hair and pubic hair growth if all seen before 8 yrs & should consult a gynecologist.
  • Educate the girl about menstrual health and the process of menstruation before attending menarche, so that they become aware of it.
  • Educate young girls to follow timely &balanced diet and balanced physical activity to prevent diseases like PCOD and irregular menstrual cycle.
  • Consult the doctor if there are irregular periods , heavy or scanty flow at any stage of life it can be a sign for underlying disease, do not ignore menstrual health ever.
  • From age 9 years to 14 years take cervical cancer vaccination .
  • After marriage while planning for a pregnancy, always visit the doctor for preconceptional advise.
  • Avoid unplanned pregnancies by taking proper methods of contraception.
  • Always permanent/temporary sterilization is advised by either of the spouse to avoid shock after completion of the family.
  • All women should have initial Pap smear at the age of 21 and after age 30 for every three years.
  • Get early master health checkup after 35 years for early diagnosis of co-morbidities like hyper tension & diabetes.
  • Never forget the key to a good health is Saving time to ourself  with balanced diet & proper exercise on regular basis
  • Do self breast examination every month and consult doctor if there is a strong family history of breast, cervical or ovarian cancer is present.
  • Depression ,anxiety, panic attack & stress are more common in women due to pressures of  family and career. Always give importance to your mental health if feeling any of the above never hesitate to seek help.

Follow the above steps at all stages of your life & lead a healthy life style as said “Healthy Women , Healthy World”.

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