Dr. Hariprakash K Neurosurgeon in Bangalore

Dr. Hariprakash K. Chakravarthy

Consultant – Interventional Neurosurgery & Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery
MBBS, DNB - Neurosurgery
Neuro Surgery
English, Kannada, Hindi, Bengali

Dr. Hariprakash K. Chakravarthy is a highly acclaimed and experienced Interventional Neurosurgeon  & Endoscopic skull base surgeon, who is currently working as a consultant in Neurosurgery department at Aster RV Hospital. With more than a decade of experience in the field, Dr. Hariprakash has expertise in Vascular and Endovascular Neurosurgery, Stroke Therapy and Minimally Invasive Skull Base Neurosurgery. 

A seasoned medical professional who is known for his commitment towards his patients, Dr. Hariprakash did his MBBS from Sri BM Patil Medical College, Bijapur Karnataka University, Dharwad and has several publications to his credit. He has also participated in several national and international conferences and has received Fellowships in interventional neurosurgery and endoscopic neurosurgery from prestigious institutes like Universita A’ DelgiStudi Di Napoli Federico Ii -Italy and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Linkou, Taiwan. 

Prior to joining Aster RV Hospital, Dr. Hariprakash was heading the Neurosciences department at ZH Sikder Women’s Medical College and Hospital in Bangladesh. In addition to treating the patients and saving numerous lives, Dr. Hariprakash is also actively involved in sharing his knowledge and experience through workshops, training and presentations at national and international conferences and local meetings on various topics related to neurosurgery. 

Area of expertise
  • Vascular and Endovascular neurosurgery 
  • Stroke therapy 
  • Minimally invasive skull base neurosurgery

Conference Presentations:

  • Membranectomy With Subgaleal Negative Pressure Drain - Safe And Effective Method in Treatment of Recurrent Chronic Sub-Dural Haematomas"(Poster)EANS October 2011, ROME ITALY 
  • Stereotactic Ommaya Reservoir Placement In The Management Of Predominantly Cystic SuprasellarCraniopharyngioma And Glioma(Poster)EANS October 2011, ROME ITALY 
  • Transnasal Unilateral Transostial Endoscopic Pituitary TumorExcision - A Case Series Of 80 Patients (Poster)EANS October 2011, ROME ITALY 
  • AwakeTranscerebellar Stereotactic Biopsy For Cerebellar And Brainstem Lesions; EANSYoung Neurosurgeons meet, Innsbruck Austria-Feb 2011 
  • Anterior Cervical Disc Surgeries; EANS-Young Neurosurgeons meet, Innsbruck Austriafeb 2011 
  • Use Of Neuro-Radiology In The Diagnosis And Management Of Tuberculosis Meningitis; NSI & CNS joint conference-Jaipur 2010
  • Interlaminar approach to lumbosacral schwannoma- ASSICON 2012 
  • Membranectomy in Chronic Subdural Hematoma- NEUROCON Bangalore 2011 
  • Minimal Lateral Interlaminar Approach With Medial Facetectomy and Microdiscectomy–Case Series of 351 Patients (Poster) Neurospine-2011 Bangalore, India 
  • Outcome of Anterior Cervical Procedures for Cervical Disc Prolapse - Our Experience; Neurospine 2011-Bangalore, India 
  • Techniques in preventing Shunt Infection-Indian Society of Pediatric Neurosurgeons (ISPN)-2011 Goa, India 
  • Resolving Acute Subdural hematoma in patients with acute traumatic brain injury-Neurotrauma-2010 Chennai, India 
  • Progression Of Traumatic Brain Contusion- A Clinical Study; NSI Conference-NEUROCON- 2007 Agra, India

Papers Published

  • Effect Of Diabetes Mellitus In The Progression Of Contusion; Asian Journal of Diabetology 2007
  • Key HOLE AND KEY-BUR-HOLE, Neurosurgery. 68(2): E594, Feb 2011
  • Dural Based Cavernous Hemangioma Presenting as Large Intacerebral Hematoma in a Child-A Rare Clinico-pathological Entity, Journal of Pediatric Neurosciences
  • Melanotic Cyst of L5 Spinal Root - A Case Report and Review of Literature - Asian Journal of Neurosurgery 
  • Viral Infections In Neurosurgery; Chapter in Text book of Neurosurgery -Thamburaj Vincent
  • DNB Thesis: CNS Tuberculosis-Role Of Steroid And Surgery In The Management Of CNS Tuberculosis 
  • Unique Paradoxical Atlantoaxial Dislocation with C1-C2 facet Diastases and Isolated Ligamentous Injury to the Craniovertebral Junction without Neurological Deficits: A Case Report, Journal of Craniovertebral Junction & Spine; Year : 2013 | Volume: 4 | Issue Number: 2 | Page: 90-93 
  • A Pyogenic Thalamic Abscess Treated Using CT Guided Free Hand Aspiration of Abscess at a Centre in Rural India. J Neurol Stroke 1(3): 00013. DOI: 10.15406/jnsk.2014.01.00013
  • Language impairment among post stroke patients: Observation through neurolinguistic approach Fahmida Ferdousa, , Dioneia Motta Monte Serratb, Syed Shahrier Rahmanc, Md. Faruq Alamc, Jinat Imtiaz Alid, Hariprakash ChakravartyeDOI: 10.1016/j.neuarg.2021.03.005
  • Post-Operative Cerebellar Mutism in an Adolescent girl: A Case Report in Bangladesh. Ferdous, Fahmida & Chakravarty, Hariprakash & Alam, Faruq & Chisty, Rahman & Ahmed, Khandaker & Ali, Jinat & Syed, Shahrier & Rahman,. (2020). ISSN (P): 2706-9044 ISSN (O): 2707-255X 
  • Psychiatric morbidity in children with epilepsy Fahmida Ferdous,1 Md Faruq Alam,2 Mohammad Muntasir Maruf,3 Shoebur Reza Choudhury, 4 Md Mashukur Rahman Chisty, 5 Sayeda Afroza,6 Hariprakash Chakravarty7 Bang J Psychiatry 2016;30(1):7-9

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