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Brachial Plexus

The brachial plexus is a complex network of nerves that originates from the spinal cord in the neck, specifically the cervical and thoracic regions (C5 to T1). It extends through the neck, into the axilla (armpit), and down the arm. The primary function of the brachial plexus is to control the muscles and transmit sensory signals (feeling) to the shoulder, arm, and hand.


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What types of injuries can be addressed with brachial plexus surgery?

Brachial plexus surgery is typically performed for injuries involving nerve avulsion, where the nerves are torn from the spinal cord, or severe nerve stretching.

Can brachial plexus injuries be treated without surgery?

In less severe cases, brachial plexus injuries may be managed with conservative approaches, including physical therapy. However, surgery is typically considered for severe injuries with nerve avulsion.

What is the goal of brachial plexus surgery?

The primary goal is to restore or improve nerve function, leading to enhanced motor control and sensation in the affected arm.

Can children undergo brachial plexus surgery?

Yes, brachial plexus injuries can occur during childbirth, and surgery may be considered for children with severe injuries. Early intervention is often crucial for better outcomes.

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